Smart e-PA™

Real-Time Electronic Prior Authorization

Smart e-PA™ is an Electronic Prior Authorization solution that is integrated directly into the e-Prescribing workflow and eliminates the hassle of manual prior authorizations.


Unlike some e-PA modules, MDToolbox's e-PA allows prescribers to get Prior Authorization real-time - Providers can both request e-PA forms and get approvals at the point of prescribing. In many cases, with MDToolbox, medication approvals can be received before the patient has even left the office.


Requests are sent and received electronically to and from the insurance company, eliminating the need for manual forms, faxes, and phone calls.

Smart Electronic Forms

Automatically includes patient and prescription data, requiring the provider to only answer a few patient and plan-specific questions based on conditional logic.

Part of the e-Prescribing Workflow

Providers are automatically notified if Prior Authorization is required right at the point of drug selection. MDtoolbox supports e-PA at any point in the prescribing process (e-PA can be done for a prescription prior to sending to pharmacy, after already sent and even for medications not being e-Sent to the pharmacy!)

Better For Patients

Electronic Prior Authorizations reduce delays that come from manual prior authorizations and increase patient's medication adherence. Patient's can get medications faster without lengthy delays.

Go Electronic Today

MDToolbox has streamlined the e-PA process -- Adding just a few clicks to the already fast and easy e-prescribing solution. By utilizing the Surescripts Network, we communicate with over 70% of the Payers electronically, more than any other electronic network in the Nation. Prescribing and Getting Approvals has never been easier, safer or more stellar.

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How does MDToolbox Smart e-PA work?

Prior Authorization in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Provider is notified at the point of prescribing of a need for e-PA based on patient's insurance and medication - 1 Click to start e-Pa

Step 2: Dynamic form is returned real-time and is automatically pre-filled with medication data: ONLY pertinent questions are presented for quick click answers

Step 3: Answers are submitted and response is received real-time from Insurance

Step 4: Prescription Order can be auto-sent to Pharmacy on approval or manually sent in 3-clicks with your prior authorization approval automatically included