e-Rx System Status

MDToolbox Status

Network Online - No Known Issues
01/21/2023 Server Maintenance: 11:30 pm to 1:30 am Central - Scheduled maintenance - Complete.
11/28/2022 Noon central - MDToolbox experienced random intermittent slowness/lag for some customers from approx. noon to 2pm central. RESOLVED.
1/10/23 - Technical Support PHONE system is currently experiencing issues. The phone company is working on it. Please EMAIL support at support@mdtoolbox.com for assistance.

Pharmacy Network Status

No Known Issues
1/24/2022 Connect Errors: Between approx 7:30 am and 12:30 pm Central time the pharmacy network hub was experiencing random server issues that was causing some e-sends to fail. This is now resolved. Any e-sends that got an error should be re-sent.
1/27/2022 Connect Errors: For several hours this morning, the e-Rx Hub was unable to send certain accounts certain types of messages including refill requests. This has been resolved and all messages should now be flowing as normal.
Pharmacy: All other pharmacies online: No Known Issues

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