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e-Prescribing Software

MDToolbox-Rx is a Certified, Award-Winning, complete electronic prescription writer that can run stand-alone or synced with your other office software. The e-Prescribing Software is a highly customizable, simple to use e-prescribing system that allows you to easily select drugs, find drug information, and create and electronically send a prescription quickly and efficiently.

MDToolbox-Rx is Certified for e-Prescribing, Eligibility, Formulary, EPCS (e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances), and Electronic Prior Authorization.

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Send and receive prescription orders and refills with 70,000+ Pharmacies Nationwide.


Comprehensive Library

Access Drug Reference, Decision Support, Patient Education, Interaction and Formulary Checking.


Real-Time Prescription Benefits

View patient-specific prescription benefits and price information in real-time.


Top Quality Software

Certified and Award Winning. Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award - 5 years in a row.


10 Reasons to Choose MDToolbox e-Prescribing

  • Feature rich – e-Rx, EPCS, refills, and e-PA.

  • Easy-To-Use + Easy-To-Learn: Simple clean interface with intuitive workflows

  • No advertisements, banner ads or annoying popups!

  • 100% Secure. Your data is your data: We do not sell your data to 3rd party companies.

  • Friendly, US based support

  • Meaningful Use Stage 3 Certified. Click here to learn more.

  • Free mobile version with every subscription: iOS and Android e-Prescribing apps available

  • No long-term contracts - Affordable monthly plans

  • Free Trials (no obligation, no credit card required)

  • Certified, Audited and Award Winning

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5 Time Award Winner

Surescripts White Coat of Quality

e-Prescribing Software Features

  • Certified to connect to the Surescripts ® Network: Electronically Send Prescriptions to Pharmacies Nationwide

  • One-Click Refills and One-Click New Rx Writing!

  • Using your Favorites Lists, you can Write and Send an e-Prescription in 3 Clicks

  • e-Refill: Electronically receive Refill Requests - easy to Review and Respond

  • Search for drugs by name, nickname, generic, brand, rx, OTC, class or indication in the most comprehensive drug database available

  • Higher productivity due to less pharmacy calls and time spent for renewal requests

  • e-Cancel: Electronically Send Cancels to Pharmacies

  • EPCS Certified: We were the 4th eRx System in the US to become Fully Certified to Send and Receive Electronic Controlled Substance Prescriptions

  • Immediate e-Send Response from Pharmacies - each message is sent directly through Surescripts to the Pharmacy with an immediate response

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Seamlessly Integrates with Your EHR/PM

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With MDToolbox you have endless customizable integration options:

  • Tightly Integrated - Embedded inside your EHR seamlessly with our rich API

  • Simple 2 Way - Integration with very little coding

  • No Code Data Sync Integration - Our free data sync allows sharing data with your EHR or other software

Choose the right package for your needs:

  • Complete e-Prescribing Module

  • EPCS Only: Quickly add certified 2-Factor EPCS module to your existing e-Rx

  • Individual APIs: add services for Formulary, Drug Lookups, ID-Proofing/2-Factor and more

MDToolbox is Certified to Send ALL Prescriptions

ePrescribe Controlled Substances

Using secure 2-Factor tokens, prescribers can also send controlled substances (II-V)

EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) is now legal in all 50 States

Click here to Learn More about our EPCS solution

Free Downloads


EPCS Get-Started Toolkit

New to EPCS (electronic controlled substances)? This handy toolkit will help you get started - Includes in depth education information and even a checklist for getting setup.


EPCS Whitepaper

Read our in-depth Whitepaper on the benefits of e-Prescribing and especially EPCS. There are huge benefits for prescribers, patients and pharmacies alike.

Added Features to Make it Even Easier for Prescribers

  • Create favorites lists per prescriber and practice - 1 Click selections from your fav lists

  • Pre-loaded with Doctor managed script library including thousands of the most common scripts that can be selected with one click.

  • Monographs and Entire Drug Reference Library Built In: Dosing Monograph, Drug-Food, General Warnings, Pregnancy, Lactation, Side Effect, Dental Specific Monographs, Usage Monographs

  • Pending lists so no prescription ever gets forgotten or misplaced

  • Can use on any major device: iPad, tablets, and all major browsers so you can use it with whatever is the most convenient for you

  • Web based so Providers can e-Prescribe wherever is most convenient and nothing to install on client machines

  • e-Send ALL Prescriptions: Non-electronic Pharmacies e-Send auto drops to fax; Plus e-Send Controlled Substances

  • Integrated Dosing Calculator at the point of prescribing. The calculator does the math for you and gives you the recommended per weight dosing values for reference.

e-prescribing software features

Improves Office Workflow

e-Prescribing System Software Vendor
  • Simple processes to allow quick CPOE and staff workflow depending on Practice Preferences

  • Providers can do Medication review, refills and new rxs so quickly they will wonder how they ever managed without it.

  • Seamlessly integrates with other products via HL7 messaging to share patient data

  • Allows tracking of allergies, problem list and more

Helps Patients

  • Real Time Prescription Benefit Eligibility Checking and Formulary Coverage so it is easy to pick the drug that is least costly for your patient

  • Electronic Prior Authorizations for pre-approvals at the point of prescribing

  • View real-time Patient Prescription History from Pharmacies and PBM/Payers

  • Patient Education and Complete Integrated Drug Reference Library including patient leaflets

  • Reduces pharmacy wait times

e-Prescribing Solution - Software Vendor

Increases Safety

Electronic Prescribing Software Vendor - e-Prescribe Patient Safety
  • Decreases errors due to handwriting illegibility, misinterpretation and improves patient care

  • Real-time Interaction Checking with user customizable alert levels (Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy, Drug-Disease)

  • Monographs and Drug Reference Library to choose the right medication for your patient: Dosing Monograph, Drug-Food, General Warnings, Pregnancy, Lactation, Side Effect, Dental Specific Monographs, Usage Monographs, and more.

  • Integrated Dosage Checking and Reference per: Weight, Gender, Diagnosis, Age

  • Weight Based Dosing Calculator at the point of prescribing

  • Therapeutic Checking and optional warnings

  • Patient Education - Leaflets in multiple languages, both Pediatric and Adult

  • Query patient history on file at Insurance companies and Pharmacies - see what each patient has been prescribed from other providers

  • Fully HIPAA compliant: PHI is secured at the highest levels of encryption

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