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e-Prescribing Integration Options

We offer many e-Prescribing Integration options. Each option is customizable to meet your specific needs.

  • Stand Alone (no integration)

  • Side-By-Side HL7 Interface - Keep patient lists in-sync

  • Screen Plug-Ins - Seamless e-Prescribing plug-in for your product

  • Web Services - API for your screens

Side-by-Side HL7 Interface: Integration with your Practice Management System or EHR

MDToolbox Rx can be used with your other software - "side by side". Use MDToolbox for e-Prescribing and your other product for your other functions, sharing the patient list between the two.

For no extra charge, we have an HL7 interface that can automatically receive incoming patient messages. If your Practice Management or other software has an HL7 interface your patient lists can automatically stay in-sync between the two products.

e-Prescribing Services

e-Prescribing Integrated Screens - 2 Way Integration

For EHR Vendors looking for a seamless plug-in or integration module, we offer a 2 way integration that allows opening or embedding the e-Prescribing solution directly into your software system. Bypass our login with a simple-api - customized secure SSO (single sign-on).

  • Customizable UI - Themes and Skins: the prescription writer can perfectly match your colors

  • Embed right inside your product - completely seamless

  • Extremely simple API - 2-way integration

  • PLUS Other Web Services API for all your product needs - Want to put a full pharmacy lookup in patient registration? Call the pharmacy lookup web service..Want to put an allergy lookup in patient intake? Call the allergy lookup web service... And more!

e-Prescribing Services

Web Services - API for your screens: a Complete e-Prescribing Engine

Want to build your own screens but don't want to have the overhead of maintaining all the data and connection requirements for e-prescribing?

MDToolbox RX API Web Services let you build your own screens and just call our Web Services for all of your data and engine needs.*

  • Drug Database API

  • Interactions Database API

  • e-Prescribing Engine API

  • Formulary, copay, alternatives Database API

  • Dosing Database API

  • Decision Support, Monographs & Patient Education Database

*Building your own screens requires Surescripts certification of those screens-so will still take more time than using our certified screens. We still can cut the time in 1/2 from starting from scratch!
e-Prescribing Services

e-Prescribing Integration Comparison

Side by Side HL7 Embedded Screens API Engine
ePrescribing ePrescribing ePrescribing
Screen Design MDToolbox Standard Screens Customizable - fonts, colors, logos Design your own
Time-To-Market Fast Average 2-3 Wks Slower (avg 3mo)
Single Sign On
2 Way Integration Share Patient List
Seamless Integration
Integration Support
Web based
Use our Surescripts® Certification
Use our ONC-ACB Meaningful Use Certification
CPOE-Provider Order Entry
E-Send and E-Refills to 70,000+ Pharmacies
RxCancel, RxChange, RxFill
Drug-Drug Interaction Checking
Drug-Allergy Interaction Checking
Drug-Condition Interaction Checking
Eligibility, Formulary, Coverage, and Copay
Maintain Active Allergies, Conditions, and Med Lists
Rx History and Reconciliation
RxNorm and SnoMed Codes
Patient Education
Per Age/Weight Dosing Reference
Customizable Favorite Lists - Prescriptions and Directions
EPCS - Electronically Prescribe Controlled Substances
Reqs Full Audit/Cert
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