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MDToolbox-Direct: Direct Messaging Module

Your Clinical Messaging Network Connection


MDToolbox-Direct is an HIE Direct Secure Messaging module that was designed to easily integrate with Health IT systems. We offer a quick and affordable way to add Meaningful Use Stage 2 & 3 compliant Direct Messaging and connect to the Surescripts network, the nation’s most comprehensive health network.




Exchange Secure Direct Messages

Send and receive electronic clinical messages between health care facilities, providers and organizations.


Access Provider Directory

Use the Surescripts Provider and Organization Directory Lookup to easily access community partners.


Send and Receive Files

Send and receive attachments including CDA/CCD Documents, X-Rays, and other health files.


Meet Meaningful Use

Send Meaningful Use Compliant Direct Messages.



DIRECT Messaging is more secure than standard e-mail, faxing and other traditional ways of exchanging health information.

Through Direct Messaging providers and facilities can exchange messages (both with and without chart data attachments) that is encrypted and secure. The encryption is accomplished with certificates that are exchanged by the Direct messaging servers. This makes it so only the intended receiver can decrypt and read the message. By signing up for MDToolbox-Direct, we connect you to the largest Direct Clinical Messaging Network in the U.S.

Providers can exchange data with:

  • Providers & Hospitals in the Surescripts Network
  • Providers & Hospitals participating in other Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Programs (DTAAPs)
  • Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) & Health Information Service Providers (HISPs)
  • Retail Clinics
  • Pharmacies



Plug-in and Web Services Options

Plug-in our already built pages and private label them. Or, build your own pages and call our API. Seamlessly integrate Direct Messaging with any EHR/EMR quickly and affordably.


Ensure Protected Health Information (PHI) is delivered safely through HIPAA compliant messages.

Broad Reach

MDToolbox has partnered with Surescripts who offers a broader reach than any other health IT provider. Connect to community partners both in-network and participating in other DTAAP certified networks.

Reduce EHR Costs

Eliminate the need to build your own interfaces, as well as the development costs to directly connect to the Surescripts network.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Providers spend less time and money on faxing, printing, and mailing.

HISP Services

Includes Direct addresses, Direct domains, digital certificates.

Meet Meaningful Use Stage 3

Meet the MU requirements for transitions of care and view, download, and transmit to 3rd party.

Improve Care Coordination

Instantaneous messages aid in informed care decisions and improve quality of patient care.

Unlimited Attachments

Send charts, x-rays, scans, ccd files and more


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