E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) Integration

MDToolbox-EPCS is a certified electronic prescribing of controlled substances solution that can easily be integrated with EHRs. As one of the first EPCS-certified vendors, MDToolbox has been a leader in offering EPCS integration solutions to help other vendors meet the challenging requirements. Whether you already have e-Prescribing and only need EPCS or are looking for a complete e-Rx solution, MDToolbox is the perfect fit.



Complete the e-Prescribing puzzle with EPCS

MDToolbox-EPCS easily plugs-in to existing e-Prescribing to seamlessly allow sending schedule II - schedule V controlled substances. Our EPCS Only integration solution gives EHRs/EMRs the ability to add on the capability to send controlled substances without having to change your existing workflow.

Quick Development and No Maintenance

The requirements software vendors must meet for EPCS are complex and continually changing. MDToolbox offers a fully developed and maintained solution, saving EHRs valuable time and money on development and maintenance.

DEA Certified

MDToolbox-EPCS meets all of the DEA 1311 EPCS requirements and has been fully audited by a third-party auditor. EHRs who integrate our certified EPCS screens are only required to complete a shorter audit which saves a lot of time and money compared to completing the full DEA EPCS audit.

Identity Proofing

MDToolbox handles the DEA required Identity Proofing to ensure the physicians have the proper credentials, so EHRs don't have to worry about implementing extra steps. Our process is completely automated (no need to waste time sending in documents) ensuring ease of onboarding and can be completed in one day by most prescribers.

2-Factor Authentication

MDToolbox also provides the necessary tokens providers need for the required 2-Factor sign off of controlled substances. We offer both software tokens that work with prescribers' smartphones or hardware tokens to meet everyone's needs.

Surescripts Approved EPCS

MDToolbox's EPCS-Only Solution is pre-approved by Surescripts, ensuring fast certification and time to market.

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