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e-Prescribing Software

Looking for a Complete e-Prescribing System for your Practice?

MDToolbox is a complete Surescripts® Certified e-Prescribing Solution Provider

  • Send Electronic Prescriptions to 99% of Pharmacies in the United States
  • Receive Electronic Prescription Refill Requests from pharmacies
  • Send Controlled Substance Prescriptions - EPCS is legal in all 50 states!
  • 1 Click Prescribing with your Favorites List
  • 3 Clicks to e-Send to the Pharmacy
  • Easy, Effective Medication Management: Routine, PRN, OTC: Current, Historic, Discontinued Lists
  • Real-Time Prescription Benefits, Eligibility, Formulary, Cost Effective Alternatives at the Point of Prescribing
  • Complete Customizable Alerts: Drug-Allergy, Drug-Drug, Drug-Condition, Drug-Food, Therapeutic, Discontinued
  • Integrated Dosing Reference: Per Weight, Age, Diagnosis
  • Integrated Dosing Calculator at the point of prescribing: calculate mg per kg with auto conversion to mL and other dispense units
  • Patient Education: Patient Drug Leaflets in Pediatric and Adult: Multiple Languages
  • Decision Support - Search and research every drug on the market by brand, generic, common, indication and more
  • Comprehensive Allergy Lookup and Tracking
  • ICD-10 Condition Lists/Track Problem Lists
  • Share patient lists with your Practice Management or other software systems - HL7 interface and Patient Importers are available so no double entry is required for patient lists
  • PDMP Integrations - check state PDMPs within the e-Prescribing workflow
Surescripts e-prescribing software vendor
Surescripts Award Winning e-prescribing software vendor

Why choose our stand alone e-Prescribing Solution?

  • Secure - HIPAA Compliant: PHI data is protected and encrypted
  • Meets CMS e-RX Incentive Program Criterion
  • Designed for Today's e-Prescribers - no extra clicks, no extra steps
  • EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) - no need to worry about which prescriptions can and cannot be sent electronically
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Learn
  • Great Prices
  • Reliable, Fast e-Prescribing System
  • Great e-Prescribing Support
  • Web Based - prescribe from any internet connected device
  • Use Any Major Browser, Any Major Device - laptop, tablet, desktop, smart device
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Ready to Try e-Prescribing?

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