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Identity Proofing Solution

Looking for a product to provide Identity Proofing services to your organization?

MDToolbox offers stand-alone Identity Proofing software

  • Sign your providers up with a quick and easy IDP solution!
  • We verify NPI, DEA and do industry standard ID Proofing – all in an online form wizard that takes a Provider less than 5 minutes to complete on average
  • All processes are automated and streamlined
  • Meets NIST LOA3 as required by many industry standards
  • Fully integrate into your sign up workflow – web based technology allows entry and exit points that are fully controlled by your application with both email and API “pass” confirmations
  • Or use as a stand alone ID Proofing module (no integration required)
Surescripts e-prescribing software vendor

To find out more about partnering with MDToolbox contact us today!