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MDToolbox is a Health Information Technology Software Company.

MDToolbox, like the name sounds, offers simple to use, simple to integrate software "tools" for Medical Practices and Medical Software looking for integrated modules.

Our flagship product (Rx) offers a complete, full featured e-Prescribing Module. The e-Prescribing System is used by stand alone medical practices and facilities, as well as integrated into Electronic Health Record systems across the country. We partner with all sizes of companies: our partners range from small to medium-size offices using our components stand alone, to practices with their own in-house EHRs, to fully integrated re-sale EHRs spanning over hundreds of physicians and specialties.

The web based products were designed to Integrate. While the system works great stand alone, our software is designed to be modular and plug-in to other systems reliably and easily! The tools are integrated by use of SOAP web services and embedded web pages.

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Our management team includes industry leading experts. Most of the team has been working in the HIT industry for a minimum of 10 years, ranging in skills and expertise across Practice Management, Electronic and Health Record Systems, HIPAA security, and Electronic Prescribing. Our team includes Industry Experts, Senior Software Engineers, System/Tech. Engineers and support/sales all located here in the U.S. Here are some highlights from our team's resumes:

  • 15+ Years HIT Management
  • 15+ Years Healthcare Software Design
  • ONC-ACB Certifications (Full EHR & Modules) (Inpatient and Ambulatory)
  • Ambulatory CCHIT Certifications – Including Cardiovascular & Child Health Certs.
  • Surescripts® Certifications (4.2, 8.1, 10.6) – Routing, Elig/Formulary, Histories
  • Microsoft® Certifications
  • HIPAA / Security Expertise
Our Staff Are Industry Experts

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Sales and General Information: info@mdtoolbox.com

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