State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

Many states require prescribers to check their state Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) before prescribing controlled substances.
In order to make checking the PMP as easy as possible for prescribers, MDToolbox has integrated the PMP reports from several states directly into the prescribing workflow.

The below maps show which states the integration is available in, as well as which states require PMP checks.
Click on each state for further details.

State PMP Integration Availability

Integrating state PMP reports in the prescribing workflow allows prescribers to go directly to a patient's PMP report with one click. It eliminates the need for prescribers to first go to the PMP login page, enter their user name and password, search for and select the patient, and open the report. This map highlights which states PMP integrations are currently available in. Some states sponsor the integration, making it available to prescribers for no cost while there may be a fee for prescribers in other states.

Connected (Sponsored/No Fee)
Connected (Fee)
Not Connected Yet

State PMP Mandatory Checking

Prescribers in 43 states are currently required to check their state PMP before prescribing controlled substances. The mandated use of these electronic databases is intended to help reduce misuse, abuse and diversion of controlled substances. The exact requirements of when and how often prescribers are required to check the PMP varies from state to state.

Not Required

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State PMP Status

State PMP Integration Active PMP Check Required State PMP Website
Alabama Yes Yes Alabama State PMP
Alaska Yes Yes Alaska State PMP
Arizona Yes Yes Arizona State PMP
Arkansas Yes Yes Arkansas State PMP
California Yes Yes California State PMP
Colorado Yes Yes Colorado State PMP
Connecticut Yes Yes Connecticut State PMP
District of Columbia Yes No District of Columbia PMP
Delaware Yes Yes Delaware State PMP
Florida Yes Yes Florida State PMP
Georgia Yes Yes Georgia State PMP
Hawaii Yes Yes Hawaii State PMP
Idaho Yes Yes Idaho State PMP
Illinois No Yes Illinois State PMP
Indiana Yes Yes Indiana State PMP
Iowa Yes Yes Iowa State PMP
Kansas Yes No Kansas State PMP
Kentucky Yes Yes Kentucky State PMP
Louisiana Yes Yes Louisiana State PMP
Maine Yes Yes Maine State PMP
Maryland No Yes Maryland State PMP
Massachusetts Yes Yes Massachusetts State PMP
Michigan Yes Yes Michigan State PMP
Minnesota Yes Yes Minnesota State PMP
Mississippi Yes Yes Mississippi State PMP
Missouri No No Missouri State PMP
Montana Pending No Montana State PMP
Nebraska No No Nebraska State PMP
Nevada Yes Yes Nevada State PMP
New Hampshire No Yes New Hampshire State PMP
New Jersey Yes Yes New Jersey State PMP
New Mexico Yes Yes New Mexico State PMP
New York No Yes New York State PMP
North Carolina Yes No North Carolina State PMP
North Dakota Yes Yes North Dakota State PMP
Ohio Yes Yes Ohio State PMP
Oklahoma Yes Yes Oklahoma State PMP
Oregon Yes No Oregon State PMP
Pennsylvania Yes Yes Pennsylvania State PMP
Rhode Island Yes Yes Rhode Island State PMP
South Carolina Yes Yes South Carolina State PMP
South Dakota Yes Yes South Dakota State PMP
Tennessee Yes Yes Tennessee State PMP
Texas Yes Yes Texas State PMP
Utah Pending Yes Utah State PMP
Vermont Pending Yes Vermont State PMP
Virginia Yes Yes Virginia State PMP
Washington Pending Yes Washington State PMP
West Virginia Yes Yes West Virginia State PMP
Wisconsin No Yes Wisconsin State PMP
Wyoming Yes No Wyoming State PMP
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