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What is e-Prescribing?

e-Prescribing defined

E-Prescribing, or electronic prescribing, is the method of electronically sending a prescription to a pharmacy using software on a computer or other electronic device, such as a tablet or smartphone. This replaces the need to handwrite, fax, or phone in prescriptions.

Medication management and prescribing workflows are greatly improved by e-Prescribing. It allows providers to:

  • Access a patient's prescription history
  • Access a patient's prescription benefit information
  • Electronically send a patient's prescription to their chosen pharmacy

How Does e-Prescribing Work?

e-Prescribing is driven by software which is used to electronically send a prescription to a pharmacy. When a patient is seen by a prescriber, the prescriber can use their e-Prescribing (eRx) software from a computer or handheld device to write and send a prescription. The eRx software then routes the prescription through a hub, such as Surescripts ®, and then on to the pharmacy. It is sent just as quickly as sending an e-mail, and often times prescriptions are ready and waiting for the patient before they even arrive at the pharmacy.

e-Prescribing software also allows for the pharmacy to electronically send a refill request to the prescriber. This is the same process as a new prescription, only reversed. The pharmacy requests a refill which is routed through a hub and then can be seen and responded to by the prescriber in their eRx software.

An added benefit of using e-Prescribing software is that prescribers can access the patient’s eligibility, formulary, and prescription history information. This information is sent from the PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager), usually through a hub ( such as Surescripts), and can then be seen in the e-Prescribing software at the time of prescribing.

How e-Prescribing Works
e-Prescribing Benefits for Providers

How Does e-Prescribing Benefit Providers?

  • Lower costs - Avoid penalties and earn incentive payments
  • Access to a complete drug database
  • On hand tools such as dosing calculators
  • Secure prescribing - eliminates stolen prescription pads and patient altered paper prescriptions

Faster workflows

  • Less time spent on the phone with pharmacies
  • Ability to save lists of favorite prescriptions so that they may be quickly prescribed in the future
  • Electronically respond to refill requests quickly and easily
e-Prescribing Benefits for Patients

How Does e-Prescribing Benefit Patients?

  • Shorter pharmacy wait times
  • Lower prescription costs - prescribers can access a patient’s eligibility and formulary information and pick the prescription with the lowest price
  • Compliance - patients are more likely to pick up a prescription that has been e-sent than a paper prescription
  • Education Materials - providers can print out drug leaflets for patients

Increased safety

  • Reduced errors due to illegible handwriting
  • Alerts for dangerous drug interactions - providers can access the patient's prescription history and avoid adverse interactions
  • Dosing recommendations and alerts based on patient's age and body weight