MDToolbox Releases Real-Time Price Transparency Solution

MDToolbox, an industry leading provider of e-Prescribing, has launched an innovative new feature that delivers healthcare providers real-time prescription benefit and price transparency information.

Leading e-Prescribing software vendor, MDToolbox, just released a Real-Time Prescription Benefit and Price Transparency solution. The new feature provides point of care prescription price transparency for providers and their patients.

Many patients experience “sticker shock” when hearing the price of their prescription at the pharmacy. A lot of patients, especially those with high-deductible insurance plans, decide to abandon their prescriptions once hearing the price, leading to lower rates of medication adherence. This feature aims to eliminate this price shock patients are often faced with, provide a tool for providers to open a dialogue with their patients and make better-informed medication choices, reduce costs, and improve medication adherence.

Along with the electronic prior authorization solution that was introduced a few years ago in MDToolbox, the Real-Time Prescription Benefit feature allows for a completely streamlined prescribing workflow for providers and results in less surprises for patients at the pharmacy. At the point of prescribing, providers are able to view patient-specific benefit and price information in real-time directly from the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Cost saving therapeutic alternatives are also displayed so the prescriber, along with the patient, can choose the best medication for treatment while considering costs. If the selected drug happens to still require prior authorization, the prescriber is notified and can electronically submit the necessary information and, in many cases, obtain the authorization before the patient leaves the office. This reduces the workload, costs, and stress for prescribers, patients and pharmacists alike.

“At MDToolbox, we are always searching for new solutions to benefit not only our providers, but their patients as well,” stated Michael Conner, Director of Business Development at MDToolbox. “The cost of a prescription can be a huge inhibitor for many patients. Price transparency helps providers prescribe the correct medication for their patient with all the necessary information, leading to higher medication adherence and happier patients.”

The module comes standard in MDToolbox’s stand-alone e-Prescribing product, MDToolbox-Rx, and is also available in more than a hundred of the EHRs that have integrated MDToolbox’s solution into their products. MDToolbox-Rx adds this to the long list of features built in: Eligibility, Formulary Coverage, Customizable Interaction Alerts, Dosing Calculators, Patient Education, Decision Support and more

About MDToolbox

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