MDToolbox Adds Real-Time Electronic Prior Authorization

September 23, 2015

MDToolbox, a leader in e-Prescribing software and services, announced today that they have added a certified real-time Electronic Prior Authorization module to their e-Prescribing product, MDToolbox-Rx.

The Electronic Prior Authorization module, Smart e-PA™, is integrated directly in the current MDToolbox e-Prescribing workflow. At the point of prescribing, it can immediately alert prescribers of the need for prior authorization based on the patient’s insurance and medication. The Prior Authorization e-Form automatically includes patient and prescription data, requiring the provider to only answer a few relevant questions based on conditional logic. This completely eliminates the need to manually fill out forms, removing the possibility of errors or missing required information and making it possible for prescribers to often receive an electronic approval before the patient has even left the office.

MDToolbox adds the new feature to the existing set of Rx Integrated tools including real time prescription benefit eligibility checking, formulary, copay and lower-cost alternatives. Coupled with the robust tool set, the e-PA module allows prescribers to quickly get prior authorization through direct communication with insurance companies.

This provides immense benefits over manual prior authorizations which can take days to complete the process of communication between prescribers, pharmacies and insurance companies. It also offers advantages over many other Prior Authorization systems. These other systems claim to be electronic, but in reality only present an electronic version of a Prior Authorization form that must still be filled out manually and in many cases, are still transmitted via fax. The Smart e-PA™ real-time communication process allows prescribers to save administrative time and costs, as well as allows patients to get their medications when needed, not days later.

“MDToolbox focuses on saving providers time and money while increasing patient care and safety,” stated Michael Conner, Director of Business Development. “With MDToolbox Smart e-PA™, both of these goals are accomplished.” MDToolbox has partnered with Surescripts® for this feature in order to utilize their direct connections with the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), covering 75 percent of insured patients nationwide.

“Prior authorizations are consistently noted as a frustration for prescribers,” said Mike Pritts, Executive Vice President of Product Innovation at Surescripts. “By leveraging our existing experience and network, MDToolbox is able to augment our e-prescribing service to provide doctors what they are asking for – a fully integrated, fully digital solution to simplify and streamline the prior authorization process.”

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