Benefits of Electronic Prescribing Software for Dentists

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Electronic prescribing has many advantages for dentists and dental offices. Sending prescriptions electronically can drastically improve a dentist’s workflow by being able to transmit prescriptions to the pharmacy quickly and efficiently, avoiding the traditional stresses of writing out paper prescriptions, making phone calls, or dealing with pages of faxes.


Here are five ways MDToolbox offers one of the best e-Prescribing software services to save dental practices time & money:


1. Dental e-prescribing allows dentists to improve the safety and quality of care they provide. 

Patients may remember to bring their medication list with them to see their cardiologist but might not remember their list when seeing the dentist. Some electronic prescribing systems (such as MDToolbox) allow for pulling medication fill history for patients automatically, so even if the patient cannot recall their medications, the dentist will have a record of it. MDToolbox can improve patient safety by alerting for any drug to drug interactions, drug allergy interactions, drug to condition interactions, and duplicate therapy conditions. These alerts could save a patient’s life.


2. MDToolbox allows for checking State PMPs in one click.

The opioid epidemic plaguing our country has resulted in many states mandating checking the state specific Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PMPs) prior to prescribing certain controlled substance medications. MDToolbox allows dentists in most states to be able to check this data directly within the prescription writer, saving dentists time when they could be seeing patients.


3. Dental practices require different software than traditional medical offices.

MDToolbox offers a stream-lined stand-alone solution to electronic prescribing without the extensive, steep learning curve of a full EMR. Quickly accessing a patient file and sending a prescription to the pharmacy can be invaluable to an efficient workflow in a modern dental practice. Prescribers will also find dental-specific medication monograph data when looking up drug information in the program.


4. Electronic prescribing saves patient’s money, which may help when the Nitrous Oxide wears off.

 MDToolbox offers real-time pricing benefit from directly within our system. This allows for viewing the price of the specific medication the dentist is prescribing at their patient’s specific pharmacy as they are writing the prescription. The system will present potential alternatives that may save the patient money by making a brand or pharmacy change.


5. Meet State and National mandates to electronically prescribe.

States are continuing to pass legislation requiring all prescribers, including dentists, to send electronic prescriptions. See our State Map for information on current and pending legislation. Some States detail extensive penalties for not complying with their electronic prescribing legislation. In addition, the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment (SUPPORT) for Patients and Communities Act will require EPCS at the national level starting in January 2021.


MDToolbox looks forward to providing tools and resources to assist dentists throughout the United States to ease the transition, helping our customers increase the efficiency of their office and combat the opioid epidemic. With MDToolbox, dentists have access to tools such as Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS), the ability to check most State’s PMPs without having to separately login to their State portal, and convenient on the go e-prescribing with our mobile app! We offer a free 30 day free trial, so Contact us for more information!

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