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e-Prescribing Software as a FIRST CLASS Service

e-Prescribing Services



When you select an e-Prescribing vendor you are looking for one that is reliable, state-of-the-art, and takes care of all of the upkeep for you.

MDToolbox servers are high tech with the latest in hardware and software technologies. We make sure your prescribers can e-prescribe any time - day or night. Our systems are monitored 24/7. The servers are HIPAA compliant and secure: SAE-16 audited annually, and DEA 1311 audited bi-annually. We have redundancy and fail-over - Data is secure and available.

We 100% take care of EVERYTHING e-Prescribing: Certifications, Servers and the Database. We keep all of the e-Prescribing data up to date for you including:

  • Complete Drug Database (updated Monthly)
  • Interactions, Monographs and Education/Reference Database (updated Monthly)
  • Formulary at the Point of Prescribing based on patient’s insurance plan (Updated Weekly)
  • Pharmacy Lookup (66,000+ U.S. based pharmacies) (Updated Nightly)





e-Prescribing Customizations

e-prescribing software features



We fit our e-Prescribing system to your needs, not the other way around.

We customize anything you need so the e-Prescribing fits your prescriber’s workflow – seamlessly. This includes colors, fonts, logos, API, and more!





Client Support



e-prescribing software features

We provide excellent customer support. You will get to talk to staff based here in the U.S. that have knowledge of the product and healthcare tech, knowledge of computers and software and answers to what you need to know.

We offer both e-mail and telephone support. We also offer recorded, and personal training sessions.








Integration Support for your Team



e-Prescribing Integration Support

Not only is integrating with MDToolbox straight forward, you also get great support during the integration. You get detailed documentation on each step and the options and sample working code.

Plus you get access to both the technical and the development team here at MDToolbox. You can speak with both the developers of the system as well as staff who have experience with every aspect of electronic medical systems, e-prescribing and certifications. Each step of the way from design and coding, to QA/Testing and getting ready for Meaningful Use Cert. we can help. We have staff who not only have experience with HIPAA, EHRs and Integration but who have taken and passed ONC-ACB Meaningful Use Certification tests.



Integration Programming

Want to outsource integrating the e-prescribing plugin in your product? For a very reasonable fee we will integrate it in your product for you! Our development team has the experience and knowledge to get it done quickly and right the first time! We have knowledge and experience in multiple languages, platforms and products.



Custom Programming

e-Prescribing System

We understand that there may be the need for specific functionality and can help you meet any specialized needs. If our specific products cannot be modified for your needs, our programming department can help you develop new product solutions.



Already have an e-prescribing or prescription tracking module in your product? Thinking about switching but worried converting the data will be a huge hassle? With MDToolbox-Rx converting is extremely simple! There is no lengthy data conversion needed to convert prescription data before going live - the data can be used for 2 way integration just like it is! All prescription history for patients can be transferred to the MDToolbox e-Prescribing System (using any number of identifiers: NDC Code, RXNorm Code, MMC codes, or even just use Drug Names to upload) - when passed in through the data objects it is formatted as needed and ready to use - No Hassles for your programmers - No hassles for your users! Simple, straight forward, making switching a breeze!



Free Meaningful Use Consultation



Meaningful Use

Our e-Prescribing module comes with features that meet both Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use Criteria. Our support staff is here to provide the help you need to quickly and easily meet the e-Prescribing Meaningful Use criteria required by the ONC and get certified. Every client is our partner.

Contact us today to see how our products and services can help you get it done.

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