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e-Prescribing Software

MDToolbox-Rx is a Certified, Award-Winning, complete electronic prescription writer that can run stand-alone or integrated with your EHR or PM system. The e-Prescribing Software is a highly customizable, simple to use e-prescribing system that allows you to easily select drugs, find drug information, and create and electronically send a prescription quickly and efficiently.

MDToolbox-Rx is Certified for e-Prescribing, Eligibility, Formulary, EPCS (e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances), and Electronic Prior Authorization.

Surescripts e-prescribing software vendor





Send and receive prescription orders and refills with 70,000+ Pharmacies Nationwide.


Comprehensive Library

Access Drug Reference, Decision Support, Patient Education, Interaction and Formulary Checking.


Customizable Integration

Screen plug-ins and API can perfectly match your UI. Designed for Seamless Integration.


Top Quality Software

Certified and Award Winning. Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award - 5 years in a row.


Why Choose MDToolbox?

25,000+ Users
100+ EHRs Integrated
5 Time Award Winner: Surescripts White Coat of Quality: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Connect to 70K+ Pharmacies & 400K Providers Nationwide
Free Trials (no obligation, no credit card required)
No long term contracts - Affordable Monthly Plans
No Advertisements, Banner ads or Annoying Popups!
100% Secure: Your Data is Your Data: We do not sell your data to 3rd Party Companies
Easy-To-Use + Easy-To-Learn: Simple Clean Interface
Free Mobile Version w/Every Subscription: use iPhone, Android, iPad, Mini-Tablet

Meets Meaningful Use Stage 3
Electronic Prescribing - 170.315(b)(3)

(A) Create new prescriptions (NEWRX)
(B) Change prescriptions (RXCHG, CHGRES)
(C) Cancel prescriptions (CANRX, CANRES)
(D) Refill prescriptions (REFREQ, REFRES)
(E) Receive fill status notifications (RXFILL)
(F) Request and receive medication history information (RXHREQ, RXHRES)

Surescripts White Coat Quality - eprescribing award 2012
Surescripts White Coat Quality - eprescribing award 2013
Surescripts White Coat Quality - eprescribe award 2014
Surescripts White Coat Quality - e-prescribing award 2015
Surescripts White Coat Quality - electronic prescribe award 2016

e-Prescribing Software Features

  • Certified to connect to the Surescripts ® Network: Electronically Send Prescriptions to Pharmacies Nationwide

  • One-Click Refills and One-Click New Rx Writing!

  • Using your Favorites Lists, you can Write and Send an e-Prescription in 3 Clicks

  • e-Refill: Electronically receive Refill Requests - easy to Review and Respond

  • Search for drugs by name, nickname, generic, brand, rx, OTC, class or indication in the most comprehensive drug database available

  • Higher productivity due to less pharmacy calls and time spent for renewal requests

  • e-Cancel: Electronically Send Cancels to Pharmacies

  • EPCS Certified: We were the 4th eRx System in the US to become Fully Certified to Send and Receive Electronic Controlled Substance Prescriptions

  • Immediate e-Send Response from Pharmacies - each message is sent directly through Surescripts to the Pharmacy with an immediate response

e-prescribing software features

Seamlessly Integrates with Your EHR/PM

Integrate e-prescribing software Vendor

With MDToolbox you have endless customizable integration options:

  • Tightly Integrated - Embedded inside your EHR seamlessly with our rich API

  • Simple 2 Way - Integration with very little coding

  • No Code Data Sync Integration - Our free data sync allows sharing data with your EHR or other software

Choose the right package for your needs:

  • Complete e-Prescribing Module

  • EPCS Only: Quickly add certified 2-Factor EPCS module to your existing e-Rx

  • Individual APIs: add services for Formulary, Drug Lookups, ID-Proofing/2-Factor and more

Why choose MDToolbox as your e-Rx Integration Partner?

  • Designed for integrating with Products needing a complete certified e-Prescribing Module or an EPCS Add On

  • Certified EPCS Integration - e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances Audited & Certified

  • Extremely Simple API - literally "plug-in-play" with just a few lines of code

  • Plug-in the e-Prescribe Screen with an iframe or browser object - optionally embed e-Rx right within your existing product!

  • Call Simple Fast Web services to send and retrieve data-2 way integration

  • Or use our HL7 Interface which allows sharing patient lists without any coding or changes to your product that can send HL7 patient messages

  • Drug tracking by multiple ID systems including RXNORM Codes: Interface accommodates data interchange in many formats

  • MDToolbox-Rx, v3.1 is ONC Health IT 2014 Edition certified: Our e-Prescribing Module solves 9 Meaningful Use Requirements

  • Easy to convert from other e-prescribing systems

  • Click here to learn more about our complete integration options

MDToolbox is Certified to Send ALL Prescriptions

ePrescribe Controlled Substances

Using secure 2-Factor tokens, Prescribers can also send Controlled Substance (II-V)

EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) is now legal in all 50 States

Click here to Learn More about our EPCS solution

Free Downloads


EPCS Get-Started Toolkit

New to EPCS (electronic controlled substances)? This handy toolkit will help you get started - Includes in depth education information and even a checklist for getting setup.


EPCS Whitepaper

Read our in-depth Whitepaper on the benefits of E-Prescribing and especially EPCS. There are huge benefits for prescribers, patients and pharmacies alike.

Added Features to Make it Even Easier for Prescribers

  • Create favorites lists per prescriber and practice - 1 Click selections from your fav lists

  • Pre-loaded with Doctor managed script library including thousands of the most common scripts that can be selected with one click.

  • Monographs and Entire Drug Reference Library Built In: Dosing Monograph, Drug-Food, General Warnings, Pregnancy, Lactation, Side Effect, Dental Specific Monographs, Usage Monographs

  • Pending lists so no prescription ever gets forgotten or misplaced

  • Can use on any major device: iPad, tablets, and all major browsers so you can use it with whatever is the most convenient for you

  • Web based so Providers can e-Prescribe wherever is most convenient and nothing to install on client machines

  • e-Send ALL Prescriptions: Non-electronic Pharmacies e-Send auto drops to fax; Plus e-Send Controlled Substances

  • Integrated Dosing Calculator at the point of prescribing. The calculator does the math for you and gives you the recommended per weight dosing values for reference.

e-prescribing software features

Improves Office Workflow

e-Prescribing System Software Vendor
  • Simple processes to allow quick CPOE and staff workflow depending on Practice Preferences

  • Providers can do Medication review, refills and new rxs so quickly they will wonder how they ever managed without it.

  • Seamlessly integrates with other products including tight embedded integration or simple HL7 messaging to share patient data

  • Includes Lookups for Allergy, Problem List (including ICD-9, ICD-10 + SnoMed lookups), Vital Tracking and morek

Helps Patients

  • Real Time Prescription Benefit Eligibility Checking and Formulary Coverage so it is easy to pick the drug that is least costly for your patient

  • Electronic Prior Authorizations for pre-approvals at the point of prescribing

  • View real-time Patient Prescription History from Pharmacies and PBM/Payers

  • Patient Education and Complete Integrated Drug Reference Library including patient leaflets

  • Reduces pharmacy wait times

e-Prescribing Solution - Software Vendor

Increases Safety

Electronic Prescribing Software Vendor - e-Prescribe Patient Safety
  • Decreases errors due to handwriting illegibility, misinterpretation and improves patient care

  • Real-time Interaction Checking with user customizable alert levels (Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy, Drug-Disease)

  • Monographs and Drug Reference Library to choose the right medication for your patient: Dosing Monograph, Drug-Food, General Warnings, Pregnancy, Lactation, Side Effect, Dental Specific Monographs, Usage Monographs, and more.

  • Integrated Dosage Checking and Reference per: Weight, Gender, Diagnosis, Age

  • Weight Based Dosing Calculator at the point of prescribing

  • Therapeutic Checking and optional warnings

  • Patient Education - Leaflets in multiple languages, both Pediatric and Adult

  • Query patient history on file at Insurance companies and Pharmacies - see what each patient has been prescribed from other providers

  • Fully HIPAA compliant: PHI is secured at the highest levels of encryption at all times

Learn More

We offer free demos and free no-obligation trials of our e-prescribing packages.

Call, email or use our Contact Form to contact us today for more information.

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